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Art circles in Antwerp, around the end of the 19th century

THE THIRTEEN - Antwerp (1891-1899)

The XIII  was a society of visual artists in Antwerp who wanted to liberate the art from the academiscism. They dedicate themselves to the renewal of artistic life in Antwerp through the annual organization of a "Salon" in Antwerp, as well as through participation in group exhibitions.
The circle The XIII was founded in February 1891 and had objectives that were similar to those of the circle The XX in Brussels, therefor they dissociated consciously of Als ik Kan in Antwerp.
The first exhibition was organized in the same year.
They existed until 1899 and established only three salons spread over their entire existence. Several wellknown artists took part on these occasions.


1. Exhibition - 1891, prob. till 15 march 1891
2. Exhibition - 1892, in the 'Oud Museum' of Antwerp, from 7 till 28 february 1892
3. Exhibition - ?


Numerous membres were also members of the Antwerp circle Arte et Labore.
The founders are Léon Abry, Emile Claus, Edouard De Jans, Henri De Smeth, Edgard Farasyn, Maurice Hagemans, Frans Hens, Evert Larock, Romain Looymans, Henry Luyten, Charles Mertens, Henry Rul, Leo Van Aken, Louis Van Engelen, Piet Verhaert and Theodore Verstraete.


Like-minded artist from home and abroad were invited to exhibit :
Albert Baertsoen, Hubert Bellis, Franz Binjé, Albéric Collin, Adrien-Joseph Heymans, Fernand Khnopff, Max Liebermann, Constantin Meunier, Isidore Meyers, Jan Stobbaerts, Alexandre Struys, Gustave Vanaise and Guillaume Van Strydonck.
Henry van de Velde blamed this circle for his academiscism and its rather mercantile than artistic ambitions.
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