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Artistic Circles in Antwerp at the time of the flemish mouvement

DE HULST - Mechelen (1889-1900)

De Hulst
Art Guild of the city of Mechelen De Hulst (The Holly)
1st EXHIBITION: Beggijnenstraat 18 in Mechelen
   Frans Mortelmans had a link with this artistic circle, but more info is unknown to us.
   On the internet we discovered following :
   Mechelen, Van Velsen, 1898, 1900, 1903. (1903) 3 vols in-8°. 87 pp, 17 pp, 136 pp
   Green printed paper covers
   Design of Edward Pellens - 3 rare yearbooks from the Mechelen art circle "De Hulst"
   Very rare, only printed 100 copies
   The third yearbook is entirely dedicated to the "Art Nouveau".
City Archive of Mechelen, Collection 'Varia':
invitations, newspaper clippings, testimonials, printed matter and manuscripts i.v. artistic circle
(Stadsarchief Mechelen, Verzameling ‘Varia' :
uitnodigingen, krantenknipsels, getuigschriften, druksels en handschriften i.v.m. Mechelse kunstverenigingen)


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