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     Also available during your visit of the privat museum House Mortelmans in Antwerp

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Set of 5 greating cards

Full color reproductions of paintings of Frans Mortelmans
Printed on high quality thick glossy paper
Inside and envelop blanco
Dimensions : 175 x 116 mm
Delivered with 6 light yellow envelops

Salesprice incl. shipment Belgium : 12 EURO
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Set of 4 bookmarks

Full color reproductions of paintings of Frans Mortelmans
Printed on high quality thick glossy paper
Backside blanco
Dimensions : 210 x 55 mm

Salesprice excl. shipment : 2 EURO
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Frans Mortelmans, Virtuoos bloemenschilder 2009

Frans Mortelmans, Virtuoos bloemenschilder

Book of Art, released September 24th 2009,
A richly illustrated work of reference about the Antwerp painter
Frans Mortelmans.

This book has 192 pages and contains a reasoned catalogue of his works
with more than 720 of the works of this virtuoso flowerpainter.
Authors: Norbert Hostyn, Ivo Schiltz and Dirk Schiltz
Standaard Uitgeverij, Antwerpen, 2009 - ISBN 978 90 02 23529 0

This monography is a new publication of the hand of
Norbert Hostyn, ex-Curator Stedelijk Museum Oostende, and of
the James Ensor studycenter.

This Art Book is only available through our association.
Sales price excl. shipment : 50 EURO
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    Written in Dutch, this Art Book contains :
     - Summary about the painting art in Antwerpen
    - Biography of Frans Mortelmans and Lodewijk Mortelmans
    - Reasoned catalogue
    - Reproduction of each of the 720 known works
    - French, English and German Summary

Frans Mortelmans Virtuoos Bloemenschilder full cover



Frans Mortelmans 1st Monography

Catalogus : FRANS MORTELMANS 1865-1936

Edition : Stichting Lodewijk Mortelmans vzw - 2002 Antwerp
Commemoration of 50th anniversary of the death of Lodewijk Mortelmans (1868-1952)

Written by Em. Prof. Dr. Guido Persoons, Emeritus Professor, Musicology, Catholic University of Leuven, President of the Royal Association for encouragement of Fine Arts,  Antwerp

A first attempt to study the work of Frans Mortelmans was the organisation of an exposition with a limited collection of his works at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts.

54 pages containing full color pictures
ISBN 90-807425-1-1

Sales price excl. shipment : 10 EURO.
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    Content :
    - Preface by Dr. Paul Huvenne, General Director of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp
    - Introduced by Norbert Hostyn, Curator of the Museum of Fine Arts, Ostend
    - A Synthese 'De Vlaamse toondichter Lodewijk Mortelmans' (The Flemisch composer L.M.)
        by Jan De Wilde, Coordinator Study Centre of Flemisch Music
    - Themes : perspective, waterpainting, drawing formations at the Academy in Berchem and at the Royal Academy for
        Fine Arts, artistic cercles, De Scalden, ...


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