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Art circles in Antwerp, around the end of the 19th century

ARTE ET LABORE - Antwerp (1887)

Arte et LaboreArte et Labore was an artistic circle in Antwerp without program, with the only purpose, to organise art exhibitions.
EXHIBITION of 1886 - presenting works of a.o. :
* Lode Van Aken    - A portrait of Edward Ipers - The fluteplayer (De fluitspeler)
* Pierre Jacques Dierckx  - The masons (De Vrijmetselaars)
EXHIBITION of 1899 - last exhibition

MEMBERS : a.o.

De Smeth HenriDe Smeth Henri ° 1865 Borgerhout - † 1940 Brasschaat
   art painter, illustrator
   pupil of A. De Lathouwer, L. Hendrix
   member of "Als ik kan", founding-member of "Les XX"
Leopold HaeckLeopold Haeck - ° 04.03.1868, Antwerpen - † 22.09.1928, Wijnegem
   luministic realistic art painter and etcher of portraits, landscapes, religious and style scenes
   formation at Aca. of Antwerp (Karel Verlat) and the NHISKA
   debuted in 1888 at the trienale Salon of Antwerp, participates at numerous exhibitions
   member of "Als Ick Kan"
   worked at the Prentenkabinet of Antwerp and in the Musea of Antwerp and Mol (JSM).
Romain LooymansRomain Looymans - ° 03.02.1864, Antwerpen † 14.06.1914, Antwerpen
   realistic art painter and etcher of landscapes, interiors, religious, historical and style scenes and portraits
   formation by L. L. Hendrix and at the Brussels Academy (J. Portaels)
   friends with Henri De Smeth and debuted in 1885 at the Salon of Gent
   worked often with Th. Verstraete in Zeeland
   co-founder of the circles "De XIII", "Eigen vorming" and "Arte et Labore"
                              teacher at the Academy of Antwerp (1906)
Frans MortelmansFrans Mortelmans - ° 01.05.1865 Antwerpen - † 11.04.1936 Antwerpen
   art painter
   pupil at Aca. Antwerp
   professor Aca. Berchem
   member of "De Scalden"
Leo Van AkenLode Van Aken - ° 01.12.1857 Antwerpen - † 1904 Antwerpen
   art painter
   co-founder of the artistic circle "De XIII"
Pierre Jacques DierckxPierre Jacques Dierckx - ° 27.05.1855 Antwerpen - † 22.03.1947 Brussel
art painter, aquarellist, decorator, sculptor
pupil of L.Schaefels, P.Beaufaux Aca. Antwerp
member of "Arte et Labore" & "De Scalden"
worked with C.Verlat, E.Deckers, J.Braekeleer

Invitation of "Arte et Labore" for Karel Mortelmans & family :

    Open image :
Arte et Labore
    Open image :
Arte et Labore


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