ARTISTIC CIRCLE : DE DISTEL - Mechelen (1903-1907)


De Distel

The artistic circle De Distel regrouped a number of local artists of the beginning of the 20th century in Mechelen.

De Distel was a circle known as tempered progressif, in comparaison to the more conservatif Koninklijke Lucasgilde (1887-1965).
The members stood for a clear realism and were against symbolism.

De Distel who only existed for some years, organised in 1906 and 1907 exhibitions in Mechelen.

They had their own magazine using the same name De Distel.




amongst which :
Theo Blickx - the actual founder,
Theodoor Verschaeren,
Henri Schaepherders (Rik Schaepherders),
Rik Wouters,
Gustave Nelissen,
Charles Bonaugure (Karel Bonaugure),
Ernest Wijnants,
Alphonse Van Beurden,
E. Stoffels,
Anna Kernkamp,
Karel-Willem Verschaeren

City Archives Mechelen, Collection ‘Varia' : invitations, papers, certificats, prints and manuals in collaboration with artistic cercles of Mechelen

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