Lodewijk Mortelmans 1868-1952



Lied of Mignon

The poem "Mignon" "Kennst du das Land" from Goethe has been used by several composers and written into a Lied.

Lodewijk Mortelmans had promised his master Peter Benoit only to compose lieder from lyrics of flemisch poets.
Although, he made 2 exceptions on this rule: first for "Lied of Mignon", and second for "L'ennemi" written by Baudelaire.


Opera : De Kinderen der Zee

Fragment - Kinderen van de Zee - 1904(Translation)
Fragment from the "theme of the fateful forecast"
"De Kinderen der Zee",     to my friend Jules Baetes
  Lod. Mortelmans 30 jan. 1904

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