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Lodewijk Mortelmans 1868-1952


Catalogue :

2009 Archives CeBeDeM Sheet Music

An alphabetical list of 257 works from the CeBeDem library, as presented to us in 2009. This list includes many translations of the titles.

1945 Dr. Jan L. Broeckx

A chronological-systematic list, by Dr. Jan L. Broeckx, which reaches until the edition date of the book '1945 Van-Nu-en-strakser-der-Muziek'.

Recordings BRT

A list of different works, recorded at the time by the BRT.
1930-1960 NIR - 1935 - Groot Symfonie-Orkest van het NIR     1960-1991 BRT - 1960 - BRT symfonisch orkest - 1978 BRT filharmonisch orkest
1991-1997 BRTN - 1991 - Filharmonisch Orkest van de BRTN     1998 VRT-heden - 1998 - Vlaams Radio Orkest - 2008 Brussels Philharmonic

Notes to some works :

 Lied van Mignon

The poem "Mignon, Kennst du das Land" from Goethe has been used by several composers and written into a Lied.
Lodewijk Mortelmans had promised his master Peter Benoit only to compose lieder from lyrics of flemisch poets.
Although, he made 2 exceptions on this rule: first for "Lied of Mignon", and second for "L'ennemi" written by Baudelaire.

Het Wielewaalt en Leeuwerkt


Homerische symfonie