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Frans Mortelmans 1865-1936


Frans Mortelmans - Monography 2020



Frans Mortelmans, Virtuoos bloemenschilder - Monography 2009


Frans Mortelmans, Virtuoos bloemenschilder

Book of Art, richly illustrated work of reference, released on September 24th 2009.
This book, 192 pages thick, contains a reasoned catalogue of 720 works.
Authors : Norbert Hostyn, Ivo Schiltz, Dirk Schiltz
Standaard Uitgeverij, Antwerpen, 2009
ISBN 978 90 02 23529 0
This monography is a new publication of the hand of Norbert Hostyn, ex-Curator Stedelijk Museum Oostende, and of James Ensor studycenter.
  Written in Dutch, content :
    • Summary about the painting art in Antwerpen
    • Biography of Frans Mortelmans and Lodewijk Mortelmans
    • Reasoned catalogue
    • Reproduction of each of the 720 known works
    • French, English and German Summary
    • Sales price excl. shipment : 50,00 EURO
This Book of Art remains only available through our association.
Presentation of this exceptional evening at Campo & Campo Berchem :
           We thank Standaard Uitgeverij for their input, without whom this edition wouldn't be realised.
Frans Mortelmans Virtuoos Bloemenschilder full cover




Frans Mortelmans - monographie 2002


Catalogue : FRANS MORTELMANS 1865-1936

Edition : "Stichting Lodewijk Mortelmans VZW" - 2002 - Antwerpen
Commemoration of 50th anniversary of the death of Lodewijk Mortelmans
Written by Em. Prof. Dr. Guido Persoons, Emeritus Professor, Musicology, Catholic University of Leuven, President of the Royal Association for encouragement of Fine Arts,  Antwerp. A first attempt to study the work of Frans Mortelmans was the organisation in october 2002 of an exposition with a limited collection of his works at the Royal Museum of Fine Arts.
54 pages containing full color pictures
ISBN 90-807425-1-1

Content :
• Preface by Dr. Paul Huvenne, General Director of the Royal Museum of Fine Arts, Antwerp
• Introduced by Norbert Hostyn, Curator of the Museum of Fine Arts, Ostend
• A Synthese 'De Vlaamse toondichter Lodewijk Mortelmans' (Trad. The Flemisch composer Lodewijk Mortelmans) by Jan De Wilde, Coordinator Study Centre of Flemisch Music
• Themes : perspective, waterpainting, drawing formations at the Academy in Berchem and at the Royal Academy for Fine Arts in Antwerp, art cercles, De Scalden, ...
Frans Mortelmans blz 28 Frans Mortelmans blz 20 Lodewijk Mortelmans blz 45 Frans Mortelmans 623




Dictionaire Bloemenschilders Berko 1955


Dictionary of Flowerpainters
born between 1750 and 1880
Authors : Norbert Hostyn - Willem Rappard - Patrick Berko
Editor : Berko - 1995




1994 - Stilleven Oostende

1994 : from 29 OCTOBER 1994 till 29 JANUARY 1995

Place : Museum of Fine Arts Ostend
from neo-classicism till post-impressionism
Catalog by Norbert Hostyn, curator
Cover illustration : Frans Mortelmans, 'Stilleven met vliegenzwammen en herfstbladeren'
Written in dutch




1939 Clarté


CLARTE - Magazine with pacific-humanitary tendancy
Director: M. Herman Dons - Brussels
Magazine number of october 1939




1898 - Nos Artistes Anversois


Biographical Notes (Notices Biographiques) - by Gustave De Graef
Book edited by Theunis in Antwerp - 1898
This biographical book was written with the help of the Antwerp artists by the end of the 19th century.
Many of the described artists are mentionned as members of the art circle 'Cercle d'Art d'Anvers'.
Written in french


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