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Frans Mortelmans 1865-1936



Annual Magazine 118 / 2022

Frans Mortelmans - the new art book
PDF  The new art book Frans Mortelmans




Fleuramour - Exhibition Frans Mortelmans

Gazet van Antwerpen
Thursday 20220922
GVA - text copied from their website
Frans Mortelmans
The richly illustrated book on painter Frans Mortelmans
Mortelmans Foundation moves to Wullebeekstraat
Aartselaar, Berchem - The Mortelmans Foundation is an organisation that keeps the life and works of painter Frans Mortelmans up to date. This organisation recently moved from Berchem to Aartselaar and is now ready with a comprehensive book of this Flemish artist.
Frans Mortelmans grew up in the parish of St Paul in Antwerp, where his parents gave him the opportunity to study art. He was to become a renowned painter of still lifes and especially flowers in the late nineteenth century.
Frans Mortelmans
One of the works of Frans Mortelmans.
His impressionist work was and is described as highly virtuosic. The man also painted some portraits and interiors with figures but his work with floral arrangements numerically fetch the upper hand. The purchase of a work in 1903 by the Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Antwerp gave him official recognition.
New book
His descendants are doing all they can to keep his life and work in focus. After three years of preparation, they are ready with a new book. The book will (appropriately) be offered for the first time at the Fleuramour event at the Landcommanderij of Alden Biesen in Bilzen from Friday 23 to Monday 26 September, from 10am to 6pm each time. "It has more than 400 pages with accompanying commentary in three languages," says Dirk Schiltz, chairman of the foundation. "In addition to a very extensive series of colour photographs, it includes a corrected and reworked œuvre catalogue of the works by Frans that we have been able to locate to date."
Frans Mortelmans Frans Mortelmans
Frans Mortelmans mainly painted flowers
The book is offered in version with and without an additional illustrated cover. It is available through the Mortelmans Foundation and through Standard Boekhandel shops.
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Arte Falco vzw - Exhibition Frans Mortelmans - 150 Years

Frans Mortelmans is een van de belangrijke Belgische schilders van het einde van de 19de eeuw.
Website : Arte Falco vzw
Arte Falco vzw - Expo Frans Mortelmans 150 Arte Falco vzw - Expo Frans Mortelmans 150



15 OCTOBER 2015

Het Laatste Nieuws - Exhibition Frans Mortelmans - 150 Years

In de Godshuizen Vanderbiest en Lantschot op de Falconrui start vrijdag de tentoonstelling ‘150 jaar Frans Mortelmans’.
Website :
Arte Falco vzw - Expo Frans Mortelmans 150 Arte Falco vzw - Expo Frans Mortelmans 150



8 JULY 2013

over-blog - Huis Mortelmans: een verborgen parel

Dan denk je de meeste galeries en musea in Antwerpen toch wel zo’n beetje te kunnen vinden, en dan loop je ineens tegen een verborgen parel aan.
Website :
over-blog over-blog



15 MAY 2013

Italian blog - Frans Mortelmans

Dopo le rose di Igor Levashov, che ci ha mostrato Mianna, ecco quelle di Frans Mortelmans.
Website :
ilclanmariapia ilclanmariapia ilclanmariapia_logo




Still Lifes of Frans Mortelmans :
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