The  "Mortelmans Foundation"  aims  to  have  the  music  of  Lodewijk  Mortelmans, 
   aswell  the  paintings  of  Frans  Mortelmans and  cousin Franck  Mortelmans,
   more  widely  known  in  Belgium  and  abroad.


Lodewijk MortelmansThe foundation was established in the city of Antwerp, on March the 24th in 1994.

Initially the non-profit association started under the name "Stichting Lodewijk Mortelmans", which in 2002 changed to "Lodewijk & Frans Mortelmans", and as from 2014 to "Stichting Mortelmans".

The foundation wishes to promote recognition and appreciation for the composer and both painters, by stimulating music performances, encouraging CD recordings, aswell by promotion of painting exhibitons throughout various galleries and musea.

The "Mortelmans Foundation" contributes to the scientific patrimony by drawing up an inventory and by a thorough study of these master’s lifes and works.


In the soul of the poet sings a wonderfull song; and it is his art,
to translate this song of the soul into words. Into rhythms and sounds.
Composers with a poet’s soul catch this song, and keep it in their mind and hart
during months and years, and it changes into pulsing tones, into higher music,
with the smell of nature, with the breath of the poetic soul.
Poet and composer understood each other.
They breathed together; they became one, and the song in words
became a song in tones, which came forth out of their souls into the listening air.
That is what I thought and felt, listening to the "Gezelle-songs" by Mortelmans.
That’s how I enjoyed this music.
I hope that you may enjoy the edition of Mortelmans’s songs as well.

Hugo Verriest


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